Tiger Shark Attacks: Different Aspects And Facts

Not only the bull and great white sharks are well-known in the shark world. Tiger sharks have joined them in this category. These sharks are active predators found in tropical and temperate waters.

Tiger sharks, which can weigh up to 1700 pounds, are fierce predators in the sea. These are the fourth largest sharks and will attack anything that looks interesting or provoking. Tiger sharks are known to consume anything, from natural prey to man-made trash. Thanks to their sharp and serrated teeth, these sharks can chew up even hard-shelled prey.

So it is a well-known fact that tiger sharks should be feared and not messed with. Keeping this in mind, we’ve written this post about tiger shark attacks. Next, we’ll look into it thoroughly to see if these sharks are seriously dangerous and have ever killed humans.

Hence, let’s dive deep into the ocean and get up close and personal with tiger sharks!

Tiger Shark Attacks
Image Credit: Tiger Shark from Rawpixel

Are tiger sharks dangerous?

The question of whether sharks are dangerous is a highly subjective one. These toothed fish, however, pose a significant threat to any layperson. So, how about the tiger sharks?

As per the International Shark Attack File, Tiger sharks are second only to great white sharks in terms of danger. Unfortunately, they are also one of the shark species that are infamous for actively hunting humans. Do you need any more information to decide whether tiger sharks are dangerous?

Tiger sharks’ massive size and voracity make them fearsome ocean creatures. Furthermore, tiger sharks are naturally inquisitive and will approach swimmers and divers underwater. And they can even be aggressive at times!

We have listed three factors that appear to make tiger sharks dangerous:

  • They can be found in bodies of water where humans swim.
  • They are enormous and can easily overwhelm humans underwater.
  • Their sharp serrated teeth can shear their prey, making their attack almost tragic.

Why are tiger sharks counted among the big three sharks of the marine world?

The image of a grinning shark can strike fear into the heart of anyone. However, not all of them are top predators. But why are tiger sharks considered one of the ocean’s “Big 3”?

The great white, tiger and bull sharks are the world’s three most dangerous sharks. These sharks are grouped because they are known to be dangerous and prone to attacking humans. Tiger sharks are included in the group for the same reason. Although shark attacks are uncommon, they do occur.

Tiger sharks are ranked second only to great white sharks in terms of fatal attacks on humans. This is because their serrated teeth are their most powerful tool, capable of tearing through even the toughest shelled foods.

Do tiger sharks attack?

Image Credit: Tiger shark, Bahamas by Albert kok (CC BY-SA 3.0) from Wikimedia

Sharks are naturally inquisitive creatures. Their curiosity often leads them to approach anything and everything that piques their interest. This strategy primarily takes the form of an attack.

Tiger sharks are prone to attacks. This is because they possess a lethal combination of aggression and inquisitiveness. These characteristics cause them to attack humans without provocation many a time. As a result, tiger sharks are responsible for far more documented human attacks than any other shark except the great white, according to National Geographic.

These sharks are active predators except for killer whale pods with no natural enemies. Despite being a feared sharks, the majority of their attacks are unintentional. These sharks do not intend to attack humans for the sake of entertainment or food.

How aggressive are tiger sharks?

When judging shark aggression, we frequently mistake humanizing this trait. However, shark aggression differs from that found in humans.

Tiger sharks are aggressive to the extent that they are required to hunt and consume prey. There is no scale to assess their level of aggression. Because they are carnivorous, these sharks must be predatory and aggressive to survive in the wild.

We will get the wrong results if we link their aggression with their proclivity to attack humans. These sharks aren’t particularly hostile to humans. Tiger sharks do not go out looking for humans. They only intend to make an exploratory bite, which frequently turns into an attack.

Do tiger sharks attack humans?

Image Credit: Serrated teeth of tiger sharks by Stefan Kühn (CC BY-SA 3.0) from Wikimedia

Because tiger sharks are considered dangerous sharks, you may be wondering if they attack humans. Can these sharks kill people?

Tiger sharks do indeed attack humans. In fact, 138 human attacks in the name of tiger sharks have been documented. The majority of evidence points to tiger sharks’ natural curiosity and aggression, which contribute to their approach and subsequent attacks on humans in the water.

Have there been any fatal attacks by tiger sharks?

Tiger sharks are known to be aggressive toward humans. As a result, there have been numerous attacks in their name. But have any fatal tiger shark attacks occurred?

A tiger shark attack has been fatal in approximately 31 cases (approximately).

This information, however, should not prevent you from swimming. Shark attacks are extremely rare. Shark attacks claim the lives of fewer than five people worldwide per year. However, it is recommended to keep a safe distance from tiger sharks and avoid interfering.

Do tiger sharks attack kayaks?

Sharks attacking kayaks is not unexpected. Such attacks, however, are extremely rare. It would be interesting to investigate whether tiger sharks have a proclivity to attack kayaks.

Tiger sharks attacking kayaks is not extraordinary. In fact, there was a report of a large (13-foot) tiger shark attacking a kayak off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The attack perforated the kayak, and as it began to sink, the fish’s attention was drawn to the kayaker.

The attack, however, did not turn fatal, and Surf Life Saving Queensland rescued the kayaker who was attacked.

Do Tiger shark attacks stingray

Tiger sharks are carnivorous and feed on several marine creatures. So do these creatures feed on stingrays?

Tiger sharks have been observed feeding on various fish and invertebrates, including stingrays and other rays. Their heavy jaws and sharp teeth make them excellent hunters of stingrays.

Tiger shark attacks per year

Tiger sharks are among three shark species known to attack humans. However, they are only second to great whites in terms of aggression.

According to the records, there have been 138 tiger shark attacks on humans. However, no yearly record of shark attacks has been established.

Which shark is more dangerous than a tiger shark?

Sharks and aggression are usually synonymous. So let’s look at some more dangerous sharks than tiger sharks.

The great white shark is the most aggressive shark species—they reign supreme in the world of dangerous sharks. Great white sharks have a record of 333 attacks, on humans, in their arsenal. In fact, the Great White causes approximately 13 to 12 of the 100-plus shark attacks annually across the globe.

Although these massive sharks are not human hunters, they frequently mistake humans for seals. This, regrettably, manifests as lethal shark attacks.


The conclusion is that tiger sharks should be left alone if they are not being studied. These sharks are voracious and may attack if they want to investigate you. As a result, keeping a close eye on any potential threat in shark-infested waters is critical. With this, we are wrapping up our post until we come up with a new shark topic.

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