Are Whales Smart: Facts Around Various Types Of Whale

Are Whales Smart

Whales are extremely smart, almost on the same level as dolphins. There is no parameter through which the intelligence of whales can be judged, so their behavioral patterns are closely observed to understand how smart and perceptive they are, and most whale species display incredible amounts of social and emotional intelligence. 

Do Whales Have Tails: Why,Different Types And Purposes

Do Whales Have Tails

Whales have tail fins. Whale tails, however, differ significantly from the tails of other fish, including sharks. A whale’s tail has two lobes called flukes that move up and down rather than side by side and are separated by a deep cleft. Furthermore, rather than bones, the flukes are composed of dense, fibrous connective tissue.

Blue Whale vs Megalodon: Who Wins And Comparative Analysis

Blue Whale vs Megalodon

Blue whales are mammals that exist even today, whereas megalodons are shark species that went extinct around 3 to 4 million years ago. Megalodons were deadly animals who hunted indiscriminately and had a sharp, biting force to match up to their fierceness. On the other hand, blue whales are quite friendly and prefer feeding on krill.