How Strong is a Horse Kick : Interesting Facts

Image Credits: “Horse Kicking” (CC BY 2.0) by Larry Lamsa

Horses are among the strongest, bulkiest, powerful, and massive animals. Because of this, they are able to kick with maximum force. Let’s examine how strong a horse kicks.

Horse kicking is strong enough to injure severely, give a cardiac arrest, or in some cases can even kill the person. Getting hit by their kick is like being hit by a car going at high speed.

However, horses are friendly creatures. They love being in herds, around people, and never kick without any reason. Let’s examine why horses kick, what to do when you get kicked by a horse and how to avoid being kicked. 

How Much Power is a Horse Kick

We already know that horse kicks have the power to even kill a person. But to get a clear idea of how it might feel, let’s examine the force exerted by a horse while kicking. 

One horse can kick up to 1,000 pounds per square inch, which is quite an impressive force for an animal. It hurts even more, when they kick from their front legs. 

They not only kick humans but can also kick other animals like cats, dogs, cows, or ponies just because they find them pretty annoying and are scared of them. 

Why Do Horses Kick People?

When it comes to horse-kicking people, there are diversified opinions. Several people say that kicking is a natural instinct, while others are of the opinion that they never kick unnecessarily.

Kicking by horses is not only a means of self-defense, but they also demonstrate dominance, expel energy, or display frustration by kicking. 

Horses are affectionate and disciplined animals. Thus, they never kick without reason. However, at times, even the slightest discomfort can set them off. 

Reasons why Horses Kick 

Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons why horses kick.

To Show Domination

Horses are hard-living prey animals. They have a pecking order within each herd. This is why they kick to show their domination over others. A similar phenomenon can be observed among humans when they are in large groups. 

This is how they develop the habit of kicking when confronted by humans as well. Usually, Horses that are domesticated and especially those who are being trained are less likely to show this kind of behavior. 

When they are Scared

All sudden movements on the part of humans often make horses anxious. This is why it is always recommended not to make sudden unnecessary movements around horses. Additionally, they may also act out when injured, ill, or in discomfort due to track or shoeing. 

When they are Being Abused by Owners

Mistreatment is common among horses. Horses are usually trained harshly; this makes them anxious, scared, and angry. Some horse owners also use force or even hit them. This puts them in pain, and in response to that, they kick. 

Does Getting Kicked by a Horse Hurt?

Now that we understand why horses kick, let’s look at whether or not it hurts when people are kicked by horses.

When a horse kicks, its power is evident, so it’s not surprising that you might get hurt. The kick of a horse can send you to the emergency room or break every bone in your body.

It hurts even more when they give a flying kick, or In Fact, it is being said that the kick of hind legs will hurt you, but those with front legs can kill you.

How Strong is a Pony Kick?

Image Credits: Horse Jumping by wikimedia commons

Having established that horses kick quite hard, let’s explore whether this is the case for pony kicks as well.

Pony kicks are not as strong as horse kicks. In Fact, they can only kick when trained by mares to do so. Thus, pony kicks have a power of around 300 pounds per square inch. Hence, it can only cause minor injuries when you get kicked by a pony. 

Young horses usually kick while playing or when trained by mares to do so. The majority of ponies are calm and friendly, and unlike horses, they do not get angry too easily. Thus, they are really safe to handle.

How Fast is a Horse Kick?

One of the well-known facts about horses is that they can kick you in seconds. Let’s examine how fast they can really kick. 

Generally, a horse’s hind leg kick will range between 30 and 50 mph. However, this usually depends on how angry the horse is. If he is really pissed off with something, he can even kick at the speed of 60 mph. 

How to Avoid Horse Kicking?

If you are a horse owner or love riding a horse, you must be curious to know how you can avoid horse kicking or stay safe while being around them. Let’s discover if you can really avoid horse kicking or not. 

There are various ways to avoid horse kicking. Some of the most popular and practical ways are-

  • Making sure they are turned out into a field in the right manner
  • Approaching them from the side, so they know you’re there
  • Keep your distance when they are worked up 
  • Avoid approaching them from blind spots
  • Do not hit them or make them upset
  • Do not disturb them while eating

How do you stop a horse from kicking?

Image Credits: Luvmissile by pixabay free Images

Avoiding horse kicks or maintaining a distance doesn’t always work. For your safety and for the people around you, it is essential to stop your horse from kicking.

An ideal way to stop a horse from kicking is to train them. Training makes them disciplined and more loving towards humans. Treating them with love, care, and respect and training them from an early age will help stop a horse from kicking. 


When horses feel threatened, they can kick you hard. If your horse bites you or kicks you without reason, you should know why; you need to figure out why and train him accordingly. However, if the horse kicks just once and nothing much happens, he could just be in some sort of discomfort. 


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