How Far Can An Arabian Horse Run: Detailed Insights

Horses have served humankind since ancient times. Although machines have reduced their need in contemporary times, horses are still used heavily for riding, racing, etc.

Native to the middle east, Arabian horses are known for endurance racing can run 50- 100 miles if not galloping at the maximum speed. That being said, Arabian horses were mainly bred to cover long distances on desserts under the scorching heat.

However, the speed of the Arabian horses, like any other horse species, largely depends on their speed. Other factors in this context include their health status, surrounding environment, food intake, and so on.

This article has focused on the different facets of running and speed of Arabian horses. We will have vast information about this horse breed and its running capabilities at the end of it. 

How long can an Arabian horse run?

Arabian horses belong to one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. In ancient times, they were exclusively bred for long-distance journeys in arid climatic conditions. 

Arabian horses can maintain their running pace better than other breeds and run 12- 24 hours at regular intervals. Their running pace can be best seen in horse marathons like the Tevis Cup, where Arabian horses cover 100 miles in continuous running for 24 hours.

That being said, if appropriately trained, Arabian horses can continue running for multiple days, with proper breaks in between. 

However, one must remember that these horses’ endurance for long runs depends on various variables, including fitness, the weight they are carrying, etc. Also, horses must be offered regular breaks to avoid total fatigue.

Image Source: Arabian horses running from Pxfuel

How far can an Arabian horse run in a day?

What distance a horse will cover will largely depend on its pace. Although Arabian horses fall behind Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds in terms of speed, they can run longer. 

If not at their maximum speed, Arabian horses can run up to 100 miles in a day. These horses are the best-known endurance breed and maintain a gait of 2.5 miles. However, these horses should not be made to run continuously without any interval, as doing so can impact their health. 

One of the crucial reasons these horses can cover long distances is their lean body structure and their ability to conserve energy. As a result, they dominate the sport of endurance racing.

How fast can Arabian horses run?

By now, we know that Arabian horses have great stamina, endurance, and energy-conserving capabilities. Also, they are counted as one of the fast-running horse breeds. But how fast can they run?

The maximum speed Arabian horses can take up is 40 mph, quicker than most horse breeds. However, it is rare to see Arabian horses running at this speed outside the racecourse. These horses are fast, but Quareterhorses is faster. In fact, the latter breed runs the fastest.  

Arabian horses are not known for speed as much as they are known for their endurance. This is because they can run for a more extended time with great stamina. However, when covering long distances, Arabians generally trot at a speed as low as 7mph.

How fast can an Arabian horse run with a rider?

Arabian horses were majorly used to carry riders and other loads across the middle east desserts. These horses are excellent in terms of endurance and stamina.

Arabian horses can tun at a speed of 20mph with a rider on their back. These horses are known for covering long distances at a decent speed, even when burdened with a rider.  

Are Arabian horses good for racing?

Image Source: Horse racing from Pxfuel 

As mentioned, Arabian horses have a good running speed, and if their gait is maintained correctly, they can run for long. But are they fit for horse racing? Let us explore.

Arabian horses have a good pace and speed- the 3rd fastest horse breed. However, they fall behind the Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds in terms of speed. And although they participate in traditional horse racings, they are most suitable for endurance races like horse marathons. 

One of the most common endurance races dominated by Arabian Horses is the Tevis Cup. That being said, for short-distance races, Arabians may not be the most suitable choice, as they are meant for long-distance racings. 

Is an Arabian Faster Than a Quarter Horse?

We have already mentioned that Arabian horses are the 3rd fastest horse breeds in the world. But the question that triggers us is that are they faster than the Quarterhorses?

Maybe Arabian horses fall amongst the fastest horse category; they run slower than Quarterhorses. Quarterhorses can run at a maximum speed of 55mph, whereas Arabians can only increase their speed to 40mph. Also, Quarterhorses are known for being great sprinters that gain momentum in the course of their run.

Although the above is universal, it should not discourage you, as Arabians are also a pretty fast horse breed. Although they may not win over Quarterhorses in terms of speed, they can surely beat them with endurance. 

Are Arabian horses faster than Thoroughbreds?

Much like the Quarterhorses, the Thoroughbreds are also counted amongst the fastest horse breeds. And similar to Arabian horses, they are also bred for endurance, but what about their speed?

The highest speed a Thoroughbred horse can pick up is 44mph, higher than an Arabian horse’s 40mph. So, Thoroughbreds run faster than Arabians. And also, the former remains a common choice for racing at high speed over a longer distance.

Are Arabian horses good for jumping?

Image Source: Jumping horse by fallingdominos (CC BY-SA 2.0)

There is no doubt that Arabian horses are amongst the most versatile horse breeds in the world. They can stand harsh weather conditions and keep on trotting with excellent enduring capabilities. But can they jump as well?

Arabian horses’ stamina and agility make them good jumpers, and the maximum height they can jump at is 1.40 meters. Introduction to proper jumping can help them. 

That being said, Arabian horses are good at lower-level show jumping. Both pure-bred and part-bred Arabians are capable of jumping. But the height at which they can jump solely depends on how they are trained. 


To finish it up, we can state that Arabian horses are not much common to be seen as racehorses. But this horse breed has a pretty fast speed (40mph), which can beat most horse breeds. Arabian horses are a perfect combination of speed, agility, stamina, and endurance, making them one of the most sought-after horse breeds.

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