Horse Milk vs. Cow Milk : Interesting Insights

Cow milk has been popular for quite a long time now; however, horse milk has been gaining popularity in recent years. Let’s find out the difference between the two. 

The major difference between horse and cow milk is their taste and fat content. While horse milk is sweet in taste, cow milk is slightly sweet or bland in taste. Also, cow milk has higher fat content than horse milk. 

Apart from taste, horse milk has a higher nutritional value than horse milk. It also has high nutritional value and fat content.

There are several other ways in which they differ besides these. Let’s examine these distinctions in more detail for a better understanding.

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Horse Milk vs Cow Milk

Comparison BasisHorse MilkCow Milk
TasteSweeter than cow’s milkIt comes with a slightly sweet or bland taste
Nutritional BenefitsHorse milk is known for its high vitamin and mineral contentProtein and calcium are found in cow’s milk
Fat ContentFat content is lower than cow’s milk. Fat content is around 1.21%Fat content is around 3.61% Thus, it is high than mare’s milk
Domesticated inKazakhstan and Central AsiaVarious parts of the world
Horse Milk vs Cow Milk

Is Horse Milk Better than Cow Milk?

Having seen a detailed comparison of horse milk and cow milk, let’s find out whether horse milk is better than cow milk or is the other way around.

Horse milk is usually better than cow milk when it comes to taste, nutritional values. Mare’s milk contains more albumin as compared to cow’s milk; albumin is a protein, which can be digested and absorbed more easily than casein.

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Is Horse Milk High in Protein?

With horse milk’s high vitamin and mineral content, let’s see if it contains high levels of proteins as well.

Mare’s milk has a higher protein content than human milk, but it is lower than cow’s milk. Approximately 50–55% of mare’s milk proteins are casein, 45% globulin, and 5% albumin. 

Horse milk, however, contains 20 percent more whey protein than cow milk. Horse milk is a rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D & E. In horse milk, calcium and phosphorus are in a more balanced distribution than in other types of milk.


Drinking horse milk might seem unusual to most people. This is because being domesticated in Central Asia, horse milk has gained popularity there.

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