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Do Cockatoos Build Nests? 3 Facts You Should Know


The cockatoo is a large species of the bird under the family Cacatuidae. Most of them are white but some are also found in black color. Do they build their nest? Let us know more.

Cockatoos have a unique ability to build their nest. They specially build their nests before the mating season. They often get scared by predators, like eagles and falcons, and make a nest for their hatchlings. The offspring only leave the nest after 10-11 weeks of their life.

The nests are not strong enough and also get eaten by animals like snakes and other birds.

Where do cockatoos nest

Cockatoos are very protective of their newborns and try to build their nest in a safe place to safeguard from the predators. Now let us see where they build their nests.

Tree hollows are the most preferable place for a cockatoo nest. They majorly choose old and large trees for their nest. The nest usually lies between 3 to 30 meters above the ground and is protected with some decayed debris. Glossy black cockatoos also have a habit to share their nests with other nesting pairs.

In the case of a Cockatoo, the male member is majorly liable for this nest-building process. Female cockatoos only can lay eggs.

Image Credit: Cockatoo by Sardaka licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

How do cockatoos nest

Cockatoos do not find the place for their nest. They depend on the insects which are attracted to the rotten part of the tree and just follow them to find a suitable place. They can live in both dead and alive trees. A giant Eucalyptus is a perfect spot to find a tree hollow for the nest of a cockatoo.

Cockatoos generally use organic materials such as leaves, twigs, and tree stem for their nest building. Nest is only made for keeping their chicks and eggs safe from predators.

Image Credit: Nesting Cockatoo by Annette Teng licensed under CC BY 3.0

Do cockatoos sleep in nests

Cockatoos need sleep of nearly 10 to 12 hours. They also can face a nightmare if they do not have their proper sleep. Now let us see if they sleep in nests.

Cockatoos do not sleep in nests instead, they often take rest high up in the trees and behind the leaves of large branches. They sleep in the nest only in their very early stage of the life cycle. They use to live in the nest when the weather is too cold and they have to keep their babies warm.


The key takeaway of this post is cockatoos build their nests in both alive and dead trees. Tree hollows are the best place for their nests. They are mainly famous for their cage appearances but they also have their own nest-building abilities.

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