Do Cockatoos Attack Other Birds? 3 Facts You Should Know 

Cockatoos are beautiful but difficult-to-manage birds who do not get along easily with other birds. But do they attack them? Let us tell you all about it. 

Cockatoos do attack other birds, particularly if they feel threatened by them. They are very territorial in nature and cannot be mixed with smaller species. On the other hand, hanging parrots, budgies, conures, and cockatiels are very sociable birds who remain peaceful and get along with other birds. 

There are a lot of questions people ask about cockatoos and their behavioral patterns. We will answer some of these questions here. 

What birds do cockatoos get along with?

Cockatoos are known to be quite aggressive. But do they get along with other birds? Let us find out. 

Cockatoos can get along with macaws and budgies. However, they should be introduced to one another quite early and must have a certain pre-established dynamic. Otherwise, they may become quite hostile and fight for space. 

It is generally recommended that cockatoos are given their own space and not mixed in a cage with other birds. This is because they are extremely territorial and bad-tempered. That being said, they may get along with other birds if they are brought up with them. 

Image Credits: “Cockatoos” by Rggoldie (CC BY 2.0)

Can cockatoos get along with smaller birds?

Cockatoos may not get along with smaller birds since they are quite large themselves and can get aggressive and defensive. They usually feel threatened by the presence of other birds and may lurch, attack, or bite them in order to protect themselves. Besides, smaller birds are more vulnerable to attacks by them.

The behavior of cockatoos can largely be attributed to either fear, lack of socialization, or stress. They are often threatened by birds as well as human beings, particularly during the breeding season when they are trying to protect their territory. 

What birds do not get along with cockatoos?

Eagles and falcons do not get along with cockatoos. In fact, they are their primary predators and often attack them if they find them in the same vicinity. Interestingly enough, cockatoos do not even enjoy the company of other cockatoos unless it is the mating season. 

To minimize aggression, it is important to ensure cockatoos get enough personal space. Besides, people who keep cockatoos as pets may create a separate place for them to retreat to if things get nasty. They can be kept with other birds but ensure that they get sufficient space of their own. 


Cockatoos and most parrots, in general, do not tolerate the presence of other birds unless they have been introduced to them from a young age. There are certain pairs of parrots, like Conures and Amazons, who get along very well and can be mixed. Therefore, if you intend to mix separate parrot species, it is best to do sufficient research beforehand and find out which birds get along with cockatoos. 

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