5 Facts On Cockatoo Sleeping: When, How, Where

The sleeping cycle of cockatoos can differ on the basis of their living environment. Now let us know more about the sleeping habit of a cockatoo.

Cockatoos are very fond of sleeping and can take a few short naps during the whole day. Wild cockatoos cannot follow proper sleep cycle but the captive cockatoos can. They generally sleep at night and scream a lot before going to sleep. Their sleeping posture also can differ on the basis of their niche.

How do cockatoos sleep?

The sleeping habit of wild cockatoos differ from the cockatoos that are in captivity. Let us see how they sleep in detail.

  • Wild Cockatoos: They do not have a proper schedule for sleeping. They follow their natural sleeping cycle. Wild cockatoos often take short naps in the morning. They often get chased by predators, hence they sleep whenever they get proper time. Hanging forward while sleeping is the most common gesture of these types of cockatoos.
  • Captive Cockatoos: In captivity, cockatoos get a proper schedule so they have a proper time for their sleeping. They generally can dream while sleeping and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is seen in case of them. They also can talk and sing while sleeping when they are in a good mood.

Sleep-deprived cockatoos are aggressive in nature. They get irritated easily and scream more, and also can attack you.

Image Credit: Cockatoo and grey parrots by Iftekhar Rahman licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Do cockatoos sleep standing up?

Cockatoos can sleep in various postures. Can they sleep standing up? Now let us investigate this fact.

Cockatoos do not sleep standing up. They usually find a higher spot from the ground level for their sleeping. They generally grip the branches well with their fingers and fall asleep. It seems that they are sleeping standing. The anatomy of a cockatoo helps to stand all over the night without falling down.

Birds like Flamingoes, Owls, and some species of duck can actually sleep standing up.

How long does a cockatoo sleep?

A proper time of sleep is very important for the health of any living being. Now let us know how long a cockatoo sleep.

Cockatoos generally need a proper 10 to 12 hours of closed-eye sleep. They love to sleep. They can also get the worst nightmare if their sleeping is hampered. It can also take a few naps in the daytime.

When do cockatoos sleep?

Cockatoos generally sleep after the sunset and wake up after the sun rises. They generally use to follow a 12 hours cycle of living; 12 hours of sleep and 12 hours of proper activeness. Cockatoos are diurnal, they have a poor eyesight in the dark. Hence they use to sleep in the evening.

Where do cockatoos sleep?

In the wild, Cockatoos sleep on the higher branches of the trees or in the stem cavity of large trees, like Eucalyptus and Palm. Captive cockatoos are unable to fly and hence depend on the owner for their sleeping. They just need a dark and silent place to sleep.

An owner should cover the cage with some dark covering at the time of their sleeping.


The summary of this article is cockatoos love to sleep. They have to maintain a proper sleep cycle to keep them healthy. Any deprivation of the sleeping habit can lead to the furious and anxious activity of that particular cockatoo.

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