Do Dolphins Eat Birds? 5 Facts You Should Know

Do Dolphins Eat Birds

Yes, dolphins do eat birds, but this is not as common as one would think. In fact, most dolphin species prefer feeding on fishes, squid, crabs, octopuses, and other dolphins. However, in case these animals are not available, dolphins turn to hunt birds and other aquatic species such as penguins, seagulls, and so on. 

Do Dolphins Think? 3 Interesting Facts

Do Dolphins Think

Yes, dolphins think and are quite intelligent with their specialized brain cells and perpetually active brains. They have spindle neurons that help them perform complex tasks such as remembering, reasoning, adapting, communicating, recognition, and so on. They are often considered to be among the most intelligent oceanic species, along with whales. 

Do Dolphins Eat Crabs? Facts You Should Know

Do Dolphins Eat Crabs

Dolphins eat crabs and other crustaceans, but there are a number of factors that determine a dolphin’s feeding habits. The environment in which they live as well as the availability of different marine creatures influences the dietary habits of a dolphin, who feeds on fishes, squid, jellyfish, sharks, whales, and other dolphins. 

Do Dolphins Eat Seals? 5 Facts For Beginners 

Do Dolphins Eat Seals

Dolphins eat seals, but that is not their primary source of nutrition. Instead, dolphins prefer feeding on fishes such as sawfish, cod, mackerel, herring, and the likes. They also feed on sharks, whales, and baby dolphins. Dolphins are dangerous animals who kill for the sake of it, even when they are not actively looking for prey.

Do Dolphins Have Gills:7 Facts You Should Know

Dolphins don’t have gills but have other organs to breathe smoothly. They are instead equipped with lungs that allow them to breathe without drowning. There are several steps that dolphins follow to breathe. Dolphins are not the only marine creatures that breathe through their lungs; even whales have lungs to breathe, just like mammals.