Can Cows Eat Oranges: Across The Globe

Cows usually love eating vegetables and fruits, but they can’t eat all the fruit that humans eat. But how about oranges? Since oranges are the world’s sourest fruit, do cows have a hard time eating the oranges? Let’s find this out. 

Oranges are a healthy snack for cows. In addition to providing good roughage and vitamins, oranges contain essential oils that act as natural antibiotics for cows. 

In addition, the consumption of too much orange can disrupt their digestive system and can even lead to conditions associated with low levels of dietary forage, especially parakeratosis, so it should be fed in moderation. Additionally, any fruit, be it oranges or something else, should not be substituted for their daily diets. 

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Since oranges need to be peeled off and the seeds should be thrown away before eating, how will cows manage to eat them is still a matter of concern. We will answer all such questions in the latter part of the blog. 

Can Cows Eat Whole Oranges?

It’s well known that cows love eating fruit and stealing the fruits that have fallen from trees, but how they eat oranges despite their sour taste is still a mystery. Let’s investigate this. 

Oranges are full of vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect fruit for cows to eat. Cows are capable of eating whole oranges without choking themselves and can easily digest them. Their unique digestive system with four compartments allows them to digest orange peels and their seeds without any harm. 

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When cows eat whole oranges, they consume them without chewing them completely. Later, they rechew the oranges that travel back to the esophagus from rumen called cud. After that, the oranges are digested entirely in the last parts of the stomach called omasum and abomasum. During this entire process of digestion, they are capable of digesting the stomach, its peels, and its seeds as well. 

Can Cows Eat Orange Peels? 

When it comes to feeding fruit skins and peels to cows, there are conflicting views. One group of people says oranges should only be fed to cows after it has been peeled, but the other group claims it is normal for cows to eat orange peels. Let’s find out if cows can eat oranges or not. 

For cows, orange peel is the best snack since it is thick, sharp, and quite tasty. Besides being delicious in taste, it contains several essential oils, such as d-limonene, that support healthy digestion and kill bacteria. 

Similar to oranges, orange peels are also rich in nutrition, which is why farmers use it as fodder to feed cattle during droughts, winter season, and during times of emergency. 

So, consuming orange peels is utterly healthy for cows. Since cows have a unique digestive system that enables them to digest even the roughest of food quickly, they will not find it difficult to digest the cow peeling. 

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Are Oranges Good for Cattle? 

Oranges are known to be edible for cows; however, whether they are suitable for them or not has yet to be discovered. Let’s figure this out. 

Oranges are undoubtedly good for cattle consumption. In addition to their many nutrients, oranges contain proteins, the soluble fiber in the form of pectin, calcium, and phosphorus, among many other minerals. They are also renowned as an excellent source of vitamins.

Apart from this, oranges tend to improve the overall health of cows; some of the most prominent advantages are- 

  • Helps in physiological development- Oranges can be used as a complete feed, as well as an energy source for cows without causing any adverse effects on their health. 

  Their nutritional content has been proven to increase body weight as compared to others who don’t feed oranges. As a result of improved protein conversion, physiological development is enhanced. 

  • Helps to Boost Milk Production- Providing dairy cows with orange supplements could be beneficial. Oranges contain an abundance of glucose and vitamins that help lactating cows to produce more milk and stay healthy. 

         When combined with regular feeds of cows, lactating cows can 

         produce 10% more milk when fed with oranges.

  • Oranges act as antioxidants– By including orange supplements in cow’s diet can be effective in reducing oxidative stress. By scavenging radicals, polyphenols in oranges act as antioxidants.

 This prevents oxidative damage to cells and reduces the likelihood of diseases linked to oxidative stress. 

  • Oranges keep Cows Hydrated– Oranges contain more than 50% of water-soluble sugar; hence they are eaten by cows to stay hydrated and conduct the necessary functions inside the body. 

In arid lands, where there is a shortage of water, farmers usually depend on oranges as this will help their cattle to stay hydrated and healthy. 


Cows can eat oranges as they contain essential nutrients vital to their health. Adding oranges to a regular feed like grass or hay will enhance the nutritional value of the diet. Even though oranges are a super fruit for cows, they should be fed in a limited way because too much will cause health issues. 

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