7 Facts On Can African Greys Fly? When, How, What To Do

African grey parrots who are mostly known for their intelligence and affectionate behavior are also called African greys. Let us discuss the seven most amazing facts about them.

African greys can fly. But because of their natural habitat at dense rain forests, they do not prefer to fly oftentimes. They tend to move along tree canopies with the help of their claws and beak rather than flying in the sky.

Apart from that African grey parrots are mostly known for their free flight abilities rather than natural flying. Let us discuss some facts related to when and how far do they fly, at what age do they fly, if they scream during flight and several other related questions in this article.

When do African greys fly?

African greys can fly very efficiently just like all other birds but they do not tend to fly most of the time.

African greys fly mostly when they try to find food for themselves through foraging or trying to find appropriate tree holes for nesting purposes.

At what age can African greys fly?

African greys take more time than other birds to grow. It may be because of their long lifespan of 23 years (average). 

African greys start to fly 10-12 weeks after hatching from the egg, but they can not go far away from their nest or parents. They are under the care of their parents for some more time and learns different calls and social rituals. After two to three years, they become completely independent and fly away.

How far do African greys fly?

African grey parrots can fly up to ten kilometers in a day. They have a huge wingspan of 46–52 cm or 18–20+1⁄2 inches which supports their flight activities.

How fast do African greys fly?

African grey parrots fly around 45 mph generally. They are not included among the fast flyers under the parrot family. They are capable flyers but do not tend to fly as much as other birds do generally. 

Do African greys fly at night?

African greys do not fly at night time. They are diurnal birds, who remain active and go foraging in the day time. They prefer to stay safe in high tree branches, making groups at the night time. They are not very active during the night time and hence do not fly at that time.

How high African greys fly?

African greys can fly up to 2,200 feet in height (highest recorded). But as they live in dense rain forests, they do not tend to fly so high naturally. 

Do African greys scream when flying?

African greys can scream during flying but they do not tend to scream most of the time. Though parrots are mostly known as loud screamers, African grey parrots are quieter than the others. African greys mostly vocalize during the sunrise and sunset while communicating with each other. 

Apart from that if they are put in any stressful situations and feel threatened or scared and try to defend, African greys scream very loudly. 

Do African greys fly away?

African greys are one of the most lovable social birds. If they are raised by their owners very carefully they become great companions and affectionate towards their owners.

African greys can fly away. There are several cases where the pet African grey flew away because they are not raised properly. They need enough attention from their owners and a happy environment.

African greys have their natural behavior of socialization. They mostly tend to love their owners so much. If due to any reason they fly away, they will miss their house, owner, or companion so much that they return back.


African greys are one of the most affectionate and intelligent birds. They can fly but due to their natural habitat, they do not tend to fly often.

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