About Us

Animal Queries is a website that provides well researched information about Animal Kingdom. We strive to create Facts And Stats Based  articles on any questions our readers have about several animals .

We support and advocate environmental protection for the sake of Mother Earth. Thriving biodiversity can help protect the Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. As like every other human being’s responsibilities ,we are trying our best to do our part to protect this planet around us by educating our readers with best possible information and data around the Animal Kingdom.

Who We Are

Our founder is Rima. She’s a professional digital publisher, with the background in Software Engineering with more than 12 years of experience and sets the strategic direction of our website and does topical research for this site.

She loves the outdoors and gets very much excited when she runs into wildlife and nature while out on a hike.

Along with Rima , this platform is built and driven by other 4 members such as Himadri, Prabir, Kumaresh, Debarghya for Technical, digital marketing and Research & Development aspects. 

We also have a team of Subject Matter Expert writers who write for us having the strong background and experience on Animal Kingdom.

Our Vision

To create the most exhaustive and versatile animal conservation resource site on the internet.

Our Mission

To promote, support and advocate animal conservation through education and activism.